22 years, 186 organisations in 82 countries.
Testimonial from Anil Noronha

Technology, business sensibilities and their challenges are growing rapidly now than at any period in history. And the world is dividing into those who run along as catalysts of change and those who don’t. 

Our work involves partnering with organizations to achieve breakthroughs…a “paradigm shift”, an “Aha experience”, an “Insight” into being exceptional.

Breakthrough is an opportunity, threat, possibility, challenge, a gift, an experience, or anything you want it to be. What is constant is that all breakthroughs involve shifting; to see the world around as dynamic rather than stable and comfortable. As Socrates says, “The unexamined life is not worth living”

The breakthrough science is focused on recognizing and capitalizing potential of the critical mass in organizations, to realign and reexamine ways of being…ultimately towards achievement of that “extra” we are constantly searching for.