Big Shift/Change Management

The major process that is followed is:

  • Establish a sense of urgencies
  • Creating a guiding coalition
  • Developing a change vision and strategy
  • Communicating the change vision
  • Leadership capacity building and creating short term wins


  • Re-visioning a common culture and set of values that bind the senior team towards openness, intellectual honesty and accountability.
  • Evolving a new Performance culture for the Leadership so that they are driven by this common culture rather than individual personalities. A Performance culture of Risk taking, innovation and boldness.
  • Inculcate a language of speed in delivery and aggressiveness towards targets while building and maintaining strong relationships both with internal and external customers.
  • Enabling a shift in the way that teams work together, co-operate and gain from each other, through interdependence, listening, speaking up and sharing - Enabling leaders to recognize and respect the individual differences within teams; to go beyond this and constructively work
  • towards optimizing performance
  • Creating a highly energized, bonded and motivated management group that is passionate and committed.
  • Build in an Entrepreneurial spirit- enabling the individuals to examine their roles as contributors to organisational output, taking ownership; to reinforce their strengths and evolve strategies to overcome shortcomings.
A very intense and emotionally charged exercise, which was a necessary step to give all of us a new opportunity to work together, for the common good of this office and for the benefit of those we serve...

- Serge Ducasse
Resident Coordinator, UNDP