Managerial Skills

The skill intervention at Manford is targeted at three levels of Management - Potential Managers, Young Managers and Tenured Managers. Using a process of methodological inputs and experiential learning; through an ongoing process of feedback and follow up, and the involvement of key stakeholders the focus is on sustained skills development in the target audience.

Skills Covered

For an Individual Contributor - Potential Managers

  • Managerial Communication
  • Goal Setting for self and teams
  • Decision Making – short and long term

For the Emerging Leader- Young Managers

  • Tools for effective Delegation
  • Time Management
  • Leading Professional Meetings
  • Feedback as a tool for Influence
  • Conflict Management & Assertiveness
  • Effective Performance Appraisals

For the Tenured Manager

  • Tools for Influence and Motivation
  • Managing Diversity and Employee Engagement
  • Situational Coaching


Talent Development: The essence of this program is to help employees take charge of their Career development in a way that makes them more valued and more satisfied while enhancing their contribution to the Organization.

Objectives: The participants will be able to

  • Identify their distinctiveness, combining their dominant career values, ––relevant strengths and weaknesses, motivators and what constitutes a "career best" for them.
  • Relate their talents and passions to the organization’s needs
  • Recognize how to increase their value by a more effective Leadership style
  • Diagnose the possibility of career stagnation using the Contribution Cycle tool and career plateau model.
  • After identifying job assignments that will produce greater contribution ––and satisfaction, create a dynamic development plan to use in developmental discussions.
Manford as a team brings with them great insight of the human element in a business organization. Their knowledge of business process seems to be definitely research based, showing a shrewd business sense resulting in a great impact. If India’s GDP continues to grow... the team can perhaps stake a claim of their contribution!

- Narayan B Gad
President - Mktg. & Org. Dev, Nicholas Piramal