Assessment/Development Centre

Assessment Centre is a process whereby a group of participants undertake a series of job-related exercises under observation, so that skills, competencies, and character traits can be assessed and development areas can be identified. Specially trained assessors
evaluate each participant against predetermine criteria.

Assessment/ Development Centres are a widely recognized method for identifying behavior for the purposes of recruitment, selection, promotion and development in the workplace. This method is highly regarded because of its systematic and rigorous process. There are essentially multiple assessment processes observed by multiple assessors.

Benefits of Assessment/ Development Centres

  • Decisions are based on objective data and added fairness from multiple assessors
  • It's a method that can predict performance in a particular role
  • Developmental needs identified for individuals arising from insight as well as neutral feedback
  • Identification of potential high fliers
  • Identification of skills gaps in the organization

How an Assessment/ Development Centre Works

  • The assessment centre method involves multiple evaluation techniques, including various types of job- related simulations, and sometimes interviews and psychometric tests.
  • Common Tools used for Assessment/ Development Centres for job simulations used in assessment centres are:
  • In-basket/ In Tray exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Fact-finding exercises
  • Analysis/decision-making problems
  • Oral presentation exercises
  • Case Presentation
  • Group Activities
  • Ability/ Personality Tests
  • Competency- Based Interviews
  • Internal Reference Checks

Simulations are designed to bring out behavior relevant to the most important aspects of the position or level for which the individuals are being considered or as development areas. Known as "dimensions" (or competencies) these aspects of the job are identified prior to the assessment centre by analyzing the target position. A job analysis procedure identifies the behaviors, motivations, and types of knowledge that are critical for success in the target position. During assessment, the job simulations bring out the individual's behavior or knowledge in the target dimensions.

Perhaps the most important feature of the assessment centre method is that it relates not only to current job performance, but to future performance. By observing how a participant handles the problems and challenges of the target job or job level (as simulated in the exercises), assessors get a valid picture of how that person would perform in the target position.

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