Good Citizen Projects

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Good citizens

Our firm commitment is to “To build a dynamic, vibrant and durable state of peace at all times everywhere. For peace is a right and not an option”

Management Foundation for Organization Research and Development (Manford) was established in 1993 to meet the growing human developmental needs of individuals, institutions and organisations across the globe. A fundamental principle Manford have always believed in is to give back to society. It is in this context that the Good Citizens' Project was initiated and executed through the establishment of the Manford Centre. This has been supported by participants who attend the Corporate Breakthrough Programme.

A non-business initiative, Manford facilitators and volunteers have dedicated a portion of their time and income to these projects focusing on Peace Education, Mediation and Capacity Building for Conflict Resolution.

Some of the project milestones have been:

  • 1998 Partnership with World Vision on developmental work in the Barapal District
  • Partnering with the UNESCO Chair for Promotion of Culture of Peace & Non-violence
  • Facilitating the Children's Leadership Camps in Srinagar
  • Organizing Peace Seminars
  • Talk series on Psychological Challenges to Peace in Europe
  • April 2003, first visit to Srinagar to associate with HELP foundation
  • April 2003 Seminar at Srinagar and meeting with chief minister Sh. Mufti Mohd Sayeed
  • July 2003, Meeting with Sh. N N Vohra to offer the services of Manford Centre, for building peace
  • August, 2003 Indo-US seminar towards peace building in Afghanistan
  • August 2003, met with officials of United Nations University 'Tokyo', for peace building & governance
  • October 2003, Children workshop at Shehjaar, Srinagar with HELP foundation
  • November 2003, Workshop on world of possibilities in development sector
  • December 2003, visit to Lahore and Karachi as delegates of the Pakistan India People's Forum For Peace & Democracy (PIPFPD).
  • June 2007, Establishment of Manford Centre For Peace in Srinagar.
  • August 2007, Tree plantation drive with OISCA International North India,, "Green Earth For Future Children".
  • Sponsoring Dr.R.Ganesh to present papers in International Conference on "Advance Technologies and Treatment for Diabetes" at Prague.
  • June 2008, contribution to Life Care Regeneration Association for Sachin Kushwaha's heart surgery – Tetralogy of Fallot’s repair.
The whole session was mind blowing. It has really opened up new hidden chapters of my life.

- Seema Gupta