Hi-Po Coaching

Hi-Po Coaching is a one-to-one service that is custom designed to clear road blocks, unlock potential, and accelerate an individual’s movement from where she/he is to where she/he wants to be.

Coaching is a spoken service consisting of structured, one to one interactions between the coach and the high potential executive.

It provides:

  • Independent, confidential support for acting on performance feedback received at work.
  • Enables leaders to keep pace with change and new leadership expectations.
  • Target specific needs and implement plans developed in learning interventions.
  • Hi-Po coaching results in leadership development and improved business results.
  • The coach is a facilitator, motivator and consultant for the executive’s business goals, people interaction and self-management. The coach is not a therapist.
  • Coaching will consolidate feedback and action plans into real-time job situations.
  • The sessions take place through one to one meetings, telephonic conversations or electronic mail.
The whole session was mind blowing. It has really opened up new hidden chapters of my life.

- Seema Gupta