Empowered Leadership Program

"Emotional intelligence is born largely in the neurotransmitters of the brain's limbic system, which governs feelings, impulses and drives. Research indicates that the limbic system learns best through motivation, extended practice and feedback."

- Daniel Goleman

Manford primarily focuses on performance enhancement through utilizing breakthrough strategies, enabling leaders and teams to be convinced beyond doubt that they are single-handedly capable of boosting organisational output. This recognition places a demand on the persons to step beyond limitations and act on opportunities never considered before.

The essence of EMPOWERED LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME is in creating and strengthening the belief that an "Extra to the Ordinary" performance will ultimately depend on the organization's efforts to evolve a culture for the team so that they are driven by this common culture rather than individual focus. The effectiveness of leadership is measured by the results produced by the team. A leaders’ ability to sustain and constantly increase performance is critical for replicating organization’s success in a dynamic and fast-paced market. Growth is not maintained only by strategic brilliance, but also by willingness to:

  • Effectively change in a highly dynamic environment
  • Have the ability to initiate consistent growth and retention
  • Build an exceptionally strong team of stretched high performers
  • Move beyond transactional interactions to create a larger strategic vision
  • Extend healthy interdependence and synergy across levels
  • Focus on creating one language of sustained performance
Manford as a team brings with them great insight of the human element in a business organization. Their knowledge of business process seems to be definitely research based, showing a shrewd business sense resulting in a great impact. If India’s GDP continues to grow... the team can perhaps stake a claim of their contribution!

- Narayan B Gad
President - Mktg. & Org. Dev, Nicholas Piramal