What we stand for

What we stand for

Manford (Management Foundation for Organisational Research and Development) was founded in 1993 with the objective of facilitating Breakthroughs in Organisations. Manford has its core competence in the area of Performance and Enterprise Behaviour. We specialize in building an assertive performance orientation within an organisation. Our specialised programmes work as catalysts of change that directly impact the top-line and bottom-line.

Our Covenant:

We commit to being a people of exception
In boldness, vibrant in action and living in word.

Ever present to the reality of being able to
Make a big difference in all that we are and can be,
We pledge to touch lives to enable them behold
A world of abundant possibilities.

We will, between us, build a climate of
Creative interdependence, respectful of
Each other's identity and personhood.
We recognize that we are our
Wealth, precious and wonderful.

Beckoned by a passion
To celebrate life's eternity, we will
To dazzle the world around us.
By setting ablaze the spirit of enterprise,
We affirm to make the extra-ordinary possible.

In all this we stand on our WORD.

A very intense and emotionally charged exercise, which was a necessary step to give all of us a new opportunity to work together, for the common good of this office and for the benefit of those we serve...

- Serge Ducasse
Resident Coordinator, UNDP