Multi-rater Assessment (360 Degree Feedback)

Multi rater assessment tools are used for providing holistic feedback and evaluations for the individual on a set of defined parameters designed by the Manford team post an intensive study of the organization's competencies, job descriptions and also face to face meetings with critical team members.

This feedback involves self-assessment as well as evaluation by their supervisors/boss, their peers, direct reports, customers, vendors, associates or other role senders. This overall feedback helps the feedback receiver to obtain a gap analysis detailing self-reality vis-a vis others' reality about the person, and develop action plans for change. One-on-one coaching sessions may be utilized to guide the development process.

What's in it for you?

  • Facilitative development planning towards monitoring and guiding a shift into effective leadership and managerial behaviors.
  • Enabling accountability of behaviors and actions towards the need for change.
  • A neutral party intervention which allows for more honest and accurate feedback.
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