Executive Coaching

"The best are coached, role modeled, trained and equipped. Always, in any field of excellence"

What is it: Following the Corporate Breakthrough workshop, a group of potential change leaders are identified for one on one executive Coaching. With the ultimate objective being leadership development and improved business results, it consists of structured, one on one, interactions between the coach and the executive using email, telephonic conversations and one-on-one meetings. The focus areas include Divergent Thinking, streamlining Action plans towards breakthrough targets, visioning and growth strategies, change management.

What's in it for you:

  • Holistic development which allows individuals to focus on true value added enterprises
  • Enables change leaders to keep pace with fast growing leadership expectations
  • Focus on generation of ideas towards accomplishing stretched targets
  • Enhanced decision-making and increased productivity
  • Fine-tuned skills in communication and presentation
  • Decisive career paths which are both fulfilling and sustainable have been charted out
  • Realization of certain professional and personal goals
  • A positive shift in the ability to balance work, family, and personal time
...gave us very gift a belief in ourselves. You helped open our 'windows'. In the true sense you empowered me.

- Angela VanRynbach
Country Director, UN/WFP