Corporate Breakthrough Workshop

The Corporate Breakthrough Workshop (CBT) is Manford's flagship service, truly encompassing our skill in creating Breakthroughs in organisations. It is an attitudinal and behavioural intervention designed to result in perceptible shifts in performance.

The objective is to push performance boundaries; whether a firm is struggling to increase figures or is performing comfortably, the workshop will identify and activate untapped potential and resources. The workshop is designed for an organization's key decision-makers.

What is it: The premise of this intervention is strengthening the belief that an "Extra to the Ordinary" effort will ultimately contribute towards enhanced performance; the experience enables managers/leaders to serve as agents of growth across the organization. The focus areas include goal setting, interdependence strategies, conflict management, empowerment and delegation.

What's in it for you: The intervention is focused on creating a tangible impact on the top line and bottom line of your organization…some examples of this as seen by our clients after the Corporate Breakthrough Workshop:

  • An IT company exceeded growth by 55% each quarter for four quarters in a row.
  • A pharmaceutical company revised sales targets from 6 to 26% and has been achieving it consistently since.
  • A technology firm revised its target from USD 45m to USD 70m for the year ahead and achieved it within 11 months.
  • An IT company has had significant reduction in attrition from 35% to single digits.
  • A leading automobile firm enabled its dealers to practice Win-Win and have experienced phenomenal growth in business

What are Clients saying about this?

"Amongst the various workshops that I and my colleagues have attended in the past, none have brought tangible business results like this one and that too so very quickly. We exceeded our Q3 numbers and are on track to meet our revised Q4 numbers frozen during this amazing workshop."

Anil Noronha,Chief Human Resources Officer Onward Novell

"All I can say is WOW!!! Really. Extremely difficult to express in words the range of emotions and experiences that I (We) went through… (now) the most important thing for me is to let go and soar like an Eagle, YES I CAN DO IT…"

Gautam Dalmia, Vice President, Dalmia Cement

"Manford as a team brings with them great insight of the human element in a business organization. Their knowledge level of business processes seems to be definitely research based, showing a shrewd business sense resulting in great impact. If India’s GDP continues to grow beyond 6% Anand David and team can perhaps stake a claim of their contribution!!!"

Narayan B Gad, President – Mktg. & Org. Dev, Nicholas Piramal.

The workshop's co-relation with neurophysiology impressed me the most.

- Dr. Ishtiyaque Ahmed
Senior Research Scientist, Nicholas Piramal